About Us

QSnet Visual Technologies was established in 2003 by the CEO and owner Mark Maman, with vast experience and extensive knowledge in the field of CCTV of more than 30 years.

QSnet Started as the official distributor of the American CCTV Company Vicon Inc.With over hundreds channels, leading projects and security customers such as government offices, medical buildings, malls, banks , and more.

Over the years the scope of the Company's operations expanded significantly.

Today the company (in collaboration with SDAsys from USA) is developing and manufacturing high end mega pixel cameras, Diamond series made in Israel. By our leading brand Rhodium.

Rhodium Diamond Series is an outstanding line of cameras in excellent image quality, the world's most advanced type sensor, innovative design and friendly user installation. Rhodium cameras have successfully passed cyber-attacks tests by Israeli company To Be Safe.





Rhodium Pro cameras have been installed by strategic customers and leading projects such as Safe- City Tel Aviv, Aco, Herzliya and more.

And were chosen by leading customers in Israel, such as oil and energy infrastructures, defense and government ministries, hospitals and more to be installed in their projects.

Our customers enjoy a quality product and no less important than professional and kind service.


Our trained support staff contacts regularly with customers, offers training and certification, and accompanies the customer throughout the project.


Our vision is in continue and develop quality products, with professional service, we believe in synergy between high standard of service and top quality products.