About Us

QSnet was established in 2003 as the exclusive distributor and marketer of VICON Security Industries from USA, a global leader in advanced security and surveillance technology.
Nowadays, the company is engaged in the development and marketing of recording software, Video Management Systems, advanced AI analytics and megapixel cameras.
Advantages of the company: Marketing high-quality and user-friendly software and hardware, at a highest cost-effective efficiency, for all types of projects, which combine personal, professional advice and service for each client.

Company's products currently marketed:
• A variety of high-quality megapixel cameras Rhodium Pro & Diamond from QSnet.
• High quality and user-friendly video recording and management software NX Witness by Network Optix from USA.
• A variety of PTZ motorized cameras and explosion-proof protection from LEADEX.
• The company is successfully marketing DAHUA's CCTV product line for the past 10 years.
• Rhodium IQ VMS Video Recording and Management Software from QSnet / AMM Security (Will be launched at January 2021).
• Rhodium IQ Analytics Software from QSnet / AMM Security (Will be launched January 2021).



Partial list of projects in which the company's products are installed:
Governmental: Ministry of defense, Prime ministries' office, National Petroleum & Energy Infrastructure, Israeli Air Industry, Israeli Military Industry, Armenia National Airport, Yad Vashem world's Holocaust remembrance center, Israeli Antiquities Authority, SUGAT power plant, BNAI ZION hospital at HAIFA, Jewish National Fund and etc.

Retail: Design City Israel's largest shopping center, Various Cannabis farms and etc.
Logistics Centers: Rami Levy, TOYOTA logistics center and M-Pines and etc.
Safe Cities: Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Ra'anana, Herzliya, Kiryat Gat, Akko, Givatayim, Sdot Yam and etc.

We believe in the uniqueness expressed in the synergy of quality products with high cost-benefit, professionalism and uncompromising service