Genesys CMS

Identify the situation as quickly as possible, to alert in real time, stream the information to relevant parties, record and analyze scenarios – GENESYS provides advanced solutions multiplayer control system interfaces and integrated security challenges.

GENESYS is a platform for advanced command and control, fundamentally designed to manage the entire security system in a unified, simple and flexible.

GENESYS is a generic solution. As such, it provides complete freedom in choosing security devices and offers complete flexibility in the deployment of future solutions. The system enables simple and intuitive control of the number of remote sites if using multi screens or via a single screen. Configuration screen can be changed according to the amount of security devices and controlled sites. In addition, the system allows a hierarchical control level of the single control room to the spatial control room, each subject to determine the permissions and security policies.

Security systems integration:

  • Sensors, Detectors and perimeter protection systems
  • Biometric and Smart Cards
  • License Plate Recognition and management of parking lots
  • PA system, fire alarm and air conditioning

Security policy and Event Management

Determination of scenarios and emergency procedures are about the heart of every security system – and at the heart of GENESYS. Collecting and sharing information from different security and protection; Real-time threat analysis; Show stratified on GIS maps; Automatic answer according to the security policy; Event management from the control and analysis tools to improve performance and recovery – these allow you to complete readiness routine and rapid response and quality when necessary.

Technological advantages:

  • Internet protocol for remote access at any time
  • excellent multimedia capabilities
  • GIS engine to display various geographic information layers
  • rapid integration of organizational core systems
  • Simplified support new security systems